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CloudNow connects you with one of the fastest growing markets today.

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CloudNow brings you state of the art SaaS, PaaS and virtualization services.

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From learning to sales and marketing tools, our program helps you succeed in the cloud.

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What is PartnerPortalNow?

Is a program developed by O4IT to enable wholesale technology providers, software developers, telecom companies and carriers to learn, sell and deliver a powerful portfolio of next generation cloud services to their customers, without the typical entry barriers of the cloud market. The program enables our partners are able to market services under the brand CloudNow, our portfolio of ready-made, state of the art public cloud solutions and customized hybrid and private cloud solutions.


Is a self-provisioning, public cloud delivery platform that offers a wide range of IT products and services designed to cover critical needs on businesses of all sizes and industries. CloudNow’s customers are able to enjoy these products under a convenient pay-as-you-go model that replaces CAPEX with a more manageable OPEX, reduces their hardware footprint and grants them the flexibility, mobility and scalability that the cloud offers.


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Becoming a partner is easy; if you fill the requisites all you need to do is apply to the program by registering. Once your application is approved we will guide you through the next steps towards activation. A typical partner is ready to sell cloud solutions within 4 weeks!


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